About Us

Pregno Edmonton Palm Nursery is a NIASA accredited wholesale nursery located in the Southern Corridor of Cairns. We specialise in the growing of palms and some ornamentals for supply to other nurseries and landscapers.

The nursery is approximately 4 hectares in size comprising both shade house and full sun areas.

To enable the nursery to provide top quality plants to our clients, it is serviced by our dedicated employees, who take pride in maintaining a clean and healthy nursery.

The spraying procedure which we have adopted to control pests and diseases has been replaced, where possible, with organic environmentally friendly substitutes.

Our vision is to promote Pregno Edmonton Palm Nursery into a reputable, reliable, sustainable business that will enhance and promote the Cairns region and be complementary to other nurseries in Far North Queensland. Our endeavours to develop a friendly, trustworthy atmosphere will make Far North Queensland the place to do business and visit.